. New Zealand .

Comme une envie soudaine de visiter la Nouvelle-Zélande… ❤

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I here come to New Zealand from the 6th to the 19th for Brad’s wedding my dear friend I met during my Contiki trip in Southern US in July 2009. I would then meet my sweetheart on the 19th in Melbourne for a month trip in Eastern Australia.

As travel lovers, Brad and I had made the promise that whenever one would get married we would invite each other to our wedding! Promise held! Brad and Emma invited me this beginning of year and with lots of positive thinking, courage and trust, I finally made it to my friend’s beautiful country!!!

After 2 days of travel starting from Geneva – Amsterdam – Abu Dhabi – Melbourne to Auckland, Brad came to pick me up early in the morning of December 8th to go to his home in Matamata. I wasn’t that tired to my surprise…

I met Emma who I…

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